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The Most Playful Online Blackjack Variations


Blackjack’s rules mainly state that in order to win a game, players have to beat a dealer without passing 21. However, many variations of the game have appeared over the years and it appears in land and online casinos. There are plenty of real money online blackjack variants that can provide players with thrilling twists on the traditional version of the game.

Blackjack rules can vary depending on their variations. Therefore, it’s good for players to learn about the blackjack variants that online casinos offer to learn to differentiate them, choose the ones that interest them the most, and develop the right blackjack strategy.

Super Fun 21

Created by blackjack expert Howard Grossman, Super Fun 21 is arguably the most famous variant of blackjack games. The main difference between this version and the classic game is that players place bets before they are assigned their cards.

If players are dealt with with a natural blackjack, they always beat the dealer’s hand. Otherwise, they may decide to hit, double, stand, or give up.

Blackjack Triple 7

Fans of slot machines are also very interested in this blackjack variation. This gives them the opportunity to participate in big bonus payments and win progressive jackpots.

This blackjack game, usually played with five decks, requires players to place small side bets, which are added to the game jackpot group. The group sees an additional increase until the player wins the grand prize.

Factors that determine payment include the combination of player cards and the total value of their hands. When a player holds three diamond cards in a row given on one hand, the full jackpot will be hit. Another combination of 7s, whether appropriate or not, is given a smaller gift from the pool.

Blackjack China

One of the card games commonly played during Chinese New Year, Chinese Blackjack differs from classic blackjack in some ways. For one thing, all the players at the blackjack table need the overall value of their hands to reach 16 or higher. Also, traders can spy on certain players and hit again before a bet is made.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

As the name suggests, this variation is popular in Las Vegas casinos, but a number of online blackjack casinos also offer it. The game uses four decks and the cards are distributed according to American house rules.

When a merchant starts with a hand that has a card or card with a value of ten, they check their hole card. They also stood with a gentle seventeen. Players can double the first two cards out of their hands, whatever the value. They can also do this after separation.

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